Mass effect 2 flirten

Tali is just Tali – competent, driven, reliable, idealistic.

Her incredibly rich and powerful father arranged for her genome to be custom-tailored to produce a prodigy child who would take over his legacy. In fact, it provides you more romantic options than the previous game.In ME1 a male character had a choice between romancing Liara (an Assari archeologist) or Ashley Williams (a human action girl).The former seemed to be the default relationship route for most people which is why I sort of went with the latter. She was tough as nails, brave but also somewhat introspective.She read poetry and philosophy and quoted her favorite works from memory on occasion.

Mass effect 2 flirten

She loves to complain about her shitty childhood almost as much as she hates being the smartest, prettiest and the most amazing person in the room.She often wishes that she could be super lame like all the other crew members, so that people would notice her for her personality rather than the stunning looks or brilliance she was gifted with.She was a well rounded, well written, down to earth character. Mass effect 2 flirten-77Mass effect 2 flirten-31 Liara was interesting but perhaps not as well defined as Ashley – at least in my opinion.In Mass Effect 2 a male character you can flirt with the 4 female companions: Miranda, Jack, Tali and Samara as well as with Kelly Chambers – the Normandy Yeoman.

The most popular romance option seems to be Miranda: a Cerberus operative with a figure and personality of a barbie doll and a major superiority complex and daddy issues.I can see where she is coming from, but I can’t really sympathize with her on that. She is self destructive, nihilist with deep intimacy issue.She is stuck up, bitchy, self centered and spoiled brat. Jack was hurt, betrayed and screwed over so many times she is permanently and almost irreversibly broken inside.It seemed as if sex would actually cheapen the relationship the two of them have developed. In ME1 is was basically an idealistic teenager undergoing her right of passage.The problem with scripted dialog trees is that they often don’t cover everything you would want your character to be able to say. The best you can do is to have Sheppard blurt out something about having “other options” and Jack being a bitch for not putting out – which is probably the worst thing you can say to emotionally volatile woman who just let her guard down for the first time in her life. But alas, I really wanted to pursue Tali’s romantic subplot. In ME2 she returns as a fully fledged member of Quarian society.

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