Single horn

Because there is only one mouth (the big opening at the bottom) or baffle on this speaker, it is called a single horn.

Cain & Cain does make a speaker very much like this one except it has two mouths, so it is a double horn. “Terry designed the SHB to be used specifically with the Fostex FE208ESigma driver”, Jason told me.

The story of Cain & Cain is important and interesting, so I asked Jason Flanary, the one-man company known as Cain & Cain, to write a brief note about how he came to be that one man. Here is the result:“The Cain & Cain Company has been in business here for more than 25 years, twenty of those years specializing in quality millwork, furniture and casework for high-end residential and commercial interiors.Terry was a master that was trained by a master in the Old World traditions of joinery and woodworking.Terry devoted many hours to study and execution of cabinet design and audio philosophy.Horn Bei bildkontakte findest du nette Single-Frauen und Single-Männer aus Horn.Genieße die Romantik in Horn und finde auf unserer Singlebörse Kontaktanzeigen aus Horn.

Single horn

Despite the moniker of “Single horn”, there are actually two drivers – a mid/bass speaker and a high compression tweeter, both made by Fostex.If that confuses you, understand that it is the design of the enclosure – in this case a “back loaded horn”- that makes it a horn. The small throat yellow brass bell provides ease of response and focused tone to aid young players in developing a solid core sound. Conn 14D is a single F horn that offers a very centered pitch for beginning players.Terry once wrote: “ The new Fostex drivers are without peer.

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Old notions of what a single driver should aspire or compare to are now really old.

It came as a great honor to be chosen by Terry and his wife Leslie to be the one to carry on the Cain & Cain tradition.”Standing four feet tall and a very significant 2 feet deep and 12.5 inches wide, the SHB is a large speaker. All of the carpentry and fine wood adds up to significant heft, too.

The shipping weight of the two museum-quality wooden crates is 350 lbs.

The story is very compelling; sad and triumphant at the same time. But something was missing for Terry and at the end of the last century the planets aligned and he began to design several iterations of what has now become the Cain & Cain speaker line.

He always thought the ultimate marriage of fine woodcraft and music was the piano; “something of beauty that would occupy a special place in one’s life (and living room).” He found and corresponded with several different audio “kindred spirits” (audio nuts) that fueled his fire and encouraged him to market his creations. Gizmo” Rosenberg, and Japanese tube and horn theories of Sakuma San topped the list.

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