Single plattform Solingen

[picture #1] | [picture #2] On Kaiserstraße east of Gräfrather Straße.

[picture #1] | [picture #2] The Bruch station perches above Kaiserstraße in Vohwinkel, with street traffic passing underneath.

[picture] The restored Kaiserwagen leaves the Vohwinkel terminal.

single plattform Solingen

[picture] This picture from 2004 shows part of the south side of the Vohwinkel terminal before it was rebuilt.[enlarged view] [picture] A support arch crosses the intersection of Kaiserstraße and Gräfrather Straße diagonally. find en elsker Assens The top of the arch bears the slogan Vohwinkel ..freundliche Ecke Wuppertals (“..friendly corner of Wuppertal”).They chose a system designed by Eugen Langen of Cologne, in which the trains are suspended from wheels that run on a single rail: a suspension monorail, or Schwebebahn in German.Construction began in 1898, and the line opened in stages from 1901 to 1903.

Single plattform Solingen

[picture] Instead of the usual supports, a modern suspension bridge carries the tracks diagonally over the intersection of Friedrich-Engels-Allee and Fischertal, just west of Alter Markt station.(June 2004) [picture] A closeup of an eastbound train as it approaches Alter Markt.[picture] Between Wupperfeld and Oberbarmen, the river and Schwebebahn pass a park.(June 2004) [picture] The Oberbarmen station is the eastern end of the line.The tracks separate as they enter, to make room for a turning loop inside the building.

[picture] The same location in 2004, before the terminal was rebuilt.Trains run very frequently, every 3–5 minutes during the day on weekdays.The current fleet of 27 two-car trains was built in the 1970s; it is now being replaced with a new fleet, with new trains due to arrive beginning in 2015.(June 2004) [picture] On the platform at Alter Markt.[picture] Looking east from the platform at Alter Markt, we watch a westbound train approaching.

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